2017 General Elections: Kenyan politicians wow electorates with sexy posters

With few more weeks to General Elections, Kenyan politicians are traversing the country and their hamlets trying to convince the electorate to ‘remember them’ come 8th of August.

It has not been short of campaign antics and gimmicks as seasoned politicians and green horned ones take their campaign strategies a notch crazier.

For many, the conventional means of ‘boring posters’ seems not to work at all. They have resorted to campaign ‘the 2017 way, Kenyan style’:  From posters with power couples cuddling to mafuta ya kujipaka beaming with politicians’ faces.

Kenyans have been treated to interesting, hilarious and sometimes absurd posters of Kenyan politician.

Here are few posters that took the theatrical route in search of votes:

Choose me or him…she says
We are romantic, we wish to slide into your hearts: Give us your votes
Mukijipaka hii mafuta yangu itatoa tint,ikupee bwana na itoe mashida ka zote


Ni Canaan munataka kuenda? Hii bridge mpya niliwaundia itawafikisha
Fagia wote kwa debe:
And everyone said “we are right behind you “
Was this even true?
I have no money, but I can draw, right? Vote for me
Ukitaka moto…
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