2Baba visits soldiers & displaced people in Maiduguri

2Baba Idibia recently visited troops of 3 battalion and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Maiduguri

The legendary singer was there to elate the spirits of those hanging at the edge to survive

He also felt pity for them revealing that they were refugees in their own land Some very touching photos of 2Baba at Maiduguri visiting Soldiers and IDPs have taken over the internet.

The singer shared clips from his visit on his Snapchat imploring Nigerians to touch lives of people suffering from man made tragedy.

2Baba has always shown himself as one musician who cares for his fellow citizens. His recent visit to Maiduguri could be seen as his effort to shine light on what people have forgotten.

He revealed that over 94000 humans were living in the camp as refugees in their own land.

The soldiers of 3 battalion who fight and protect the remains of the state were not left out. 2Baba took multiple selfies with them, elating their spirit and appreciating them for sacrificing so much as they serve the country.

Source: Snapchat: 2Baba

Idibia encouraged fellow Nigerians to touch a life as he shared touching photos of those who have found meager shelter in the camps.

2Baba also made sure to commend the efforts of the ever ready soldiers who truly are the heroes of the nation. naij

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