African China rebukes new generation artistes, says they’re disrespectful


This would not be the first occasion where a veteran artist is expressing his dissatisfaction over the new school artist’s attitude.

African China laments and criticizes the new school age artists for being disrespectful.

In a recent interview granted, the veteran singer gave an account of being a victim of being turned down by a new school artist whose he name he didn’t disclose.

He narrates meeting and exchanging numbers with a certain new gen artist only for him to ring this artist up and have his calls ignored.

“Your phone rings and you don’t respond, it’s crazy…” the veteran said.

China says the same artists end up getting humbled and come back to the veterans asking how they have managed to remain relevant till now.

“That time they are raving they make it difficult for everybody to come close to them, then when their rave drops, come and see them trying to associate with everybody shining their stupid 32 teeth, coming back to people like us to ask how have you people been doing it to keep your sustenance up there”, African China remarked.

This will not be the first outburst from a veteran towards a new generation artist , Eedris Abdulkareem has also called out these new school acts for disrespecting the older folks. pulse

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