Another FCMB MD In Monumental Adultery Scandal!

Another monumental adultery scandal is currently rocking the Otunba Michael Olasubomi Balogun-founded First City Monumental Bank (FCMB).

Interestingly, like it happened years ago, at the centre this time also is a Managing Director of the bank.

The first to be accused was Ladi Balogun and now it is Adam Nuru.

In a petition that has continued to gain traction on the social media, some people who claim to be friends of late Tunde Thomas, an Executive Director with a finance house accuse Mr. Nuru of not only engaging in adultery with the man’s wife, Moyo, who is an ex-staff of FCMB, but also being the father of their two children! According to the shocking story which has continued to trend, it was as a result of finding out that Tunde, unable to stomach it, allegedly suffered a cardiac attack and died.

But responding to the weighty allegation, FCMB’s Rafiu Mohammed who spoke to TheCable on behalf of the MD described it as a “mere allegation”.

‘He also said the fact that Thomas had impregnated another lady and was on the verge of remarrying before his death showed that he had already moved on from what transpired during his marriage to Moyo.

‘Assuming there was a DNA report that said there was indeed an affair between them and the children belong to the MD, that’s an evidence. But so far, there’s none. Also, has any evidence established his (Thomas’s) death was caused by our MD? Anyone can suffer cardiac arrest.

‘It’s a mere allegation with no evidence or fact to back it up. That’s the issue. But if they come up with an evidence, we will respond. Also, the petition is going through the CBN, does the apex bank settle personal or marital issues?

‘The person in question has died. When he was alive, he didn’t take up the matter himself but when he died, some people are claiming to be fighting for him.

‘Based on the said petition, the deceased was about to marry another person which implied that he had also moved from what transpired during his first marriage.‘ He ended.

YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine investigation revealed that this is not the first time that FCMB will be engulfed in this kind of allegation. One of Nuru’s predecessors, Ladi, and who incidentally is the son of the founder of the bank, Otunba Subomi Balogun, was equally accused of adultery with a customer and society lady, Uju Murphy.

Ladi’s marriage as well as Uju’s eventually collapsed. Although no one can say categorically how much the allegation contributed to that.

A line from the interview Uju granted Encomium Weekly back then went thus: ‘Your husband also alleged that you are having an extra-marital affair with the MD of FCMB. What is your relationship with him?

‘Uju: It is ridiculous. I was shocked to read that I was having an affair with Mr Balogun. I have never met him one-on-one, he doesn’t even know me. So, I was surprised when I read the story. If you have a problem with the bank, go and discuss how you will pay back. How could you tarnish the innocent man’s image? If you want to tarnish the image of your wife, why do you have to drag him into it?‘

Sadly, and coincidentally too, barely years after the first scandal, another FCMB MD is swimming in a similar allegation. And which, of course, continues to dent the image of the bank.


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