Anxiey as chopper carrying India chief minister of state crash-lands

The crashed chopper

Aviation officials say a chopper carrying Chief Minister of the Western Indian state of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday crash-landed in Latur district after getting entangled in wires.

The officials said that the Sikorsky helicopter was “badly damaged” in the incident that took place in the state’s Latur district.

Fadnavis said that the helicopter got entangled in wires while landing a few minutes after taking off.

He said that he and his team were safe “our helicopter did meet with an accident in Latur but I and my team is absolutely safe and okay.

“Nothing to worry,” he said.

According to the chief minister, the accident occurred due to a technical fault.

“When it took off, there was an emergency landing, an accident, but we are safe. No one is injured.

“We are safe with the blessings of god and Maharashtra,” he told the media.

Local TV channels showed footage of the damaged white-colored chopper lying on the ground in Latur, with senior officials inspecting it.

Aviation officials said that a probe has been ordered into the crash.(Xinhua/NAN)

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