Banditry: APC condemns Matawalle’s peace accord


The Zamfara State chapter of the All Progressive Congress has faulted the peace process of the state government following the rampant cases of banditry in the state.

In a statement on Saturday, the state APC Caretaker Committee chairman, Abubakar Liman, said, “It is no longer news that despite the Peace Accord of the PDP-led Government in Zamfara State, these armed bandits have continued launching fatal attacks and kidnapping for ransom.

“They have been engaged in maiming, raping, arson and other atrocities against the peace loving populace of the state, and the situation is on the increase in almost every part of our dear state.”

The APC also advised Governor Bello Matawalle to stop paying lip services to the security situation in the state, calling on him to tell the world the real situation in the state so that, the state could be assisted to fight banditry.

“There is no point to be paying lip services by the State Government about the true security situation of the State while the citizens silently groaning with guttural sounds under the shackles of armed bandits who have found Zamfara State as a “Safe Haven” courtesy of the State Government’s so called “Peace accord” with them.

“It is pertinent for us at this critical time to draw the attention of The PDP led Zamfara State Government to the fact that the issue of security of lives and property of the citizenry is beyond politics and rhetorics so it should be treated as such. Punch


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