Banky W is concerned over the health of his Uber driver



Musician Banky W shares photos of his Uber driver on social media

The artist shows concern for the aged driver he believes has Parkinson’s disease

Banky W is currently in New York Musician Banky W has got the whole internet pitying his Uber driver as he vacations in New York.

The singer shared photos of his aged driver who he believes has Parkinson’s disease judging from his hand movement and difficulty with GPS.


Banky shared the photos on his Snapchat as he showed concern for the driver who he believes is too old to be handling the steering wheel.

The photos have touched many who expressed pity for the unknown Uber driver based on the experience of Banky W. In is post, he said: “I think my Uber driver has Parkinson’s disease..he’s been shaking non-stop. And he’s definitely way too old to still be working.”

He went further to say: “Not safe for this guy to be on the road. He’s so confused with the gps and he’s struggling with the driving..sigh”  Naij

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