Bobrisky plans to kill himself if his boyfriend breaks up with him



Nigerian Snapchat king and bleaching cream expert has threatened to take his own life if his bae lives him

Bobrisky has been with bae ever since he became a social media celebrity – In his most recent post he admitted that he will kill himself if his boyfriend breaks up with him earlier reported how Bobrisky was beaten up black and blue by his boyfriend who he calls bae.

Apparently, that is not the only harm his mysterious lover and financial backbone can cause him. In a recent post, the male Barbie revealed that he will kill himself if his bae ever leaves him.

Many are now afraid whether bae’s love is helping him or destroying him. Bobrisky announced that his bae showed him what he will be getting for his next birthday and he got overjoyed.

In his celebration, he said how much he loved him and threatened to end his life if their relationship ever comes to an end.

He shared several posts on his Snapchat saying: “Wow my bae send what I’m getting on my birthday. I love u BAE. Wow guys watch out for August 31st.

“Whenever I come to u to cry u promised to always be there for me. U said I should give zero f*ck about haters cos they don’t pay my bills. My birthday presents can’t stop making me scream.”

Source: Snapchat, Bobrisky

He went further professing his love for bae. He said: “I love my bae so much. when the world turn their back at me u promise to always stand by me. thank you so much my love.God will continue to provide for you.”

“I love u so much. the day you end your relationship with me that is the day I’m leaving this earth. Cos I’m so used to your love. You shower me with love, money , trust . i love you with my heart.”

Source: Snapchat, Bobrisky


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