Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather to visit Nigeria

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. will visit Nigeria on the 12th till 14th of June, 2017.

The promoter and President of TMT (The Money Team) Lifestyle has retired from the sport as an undefeated champion.

Floyd himself revealed this in a video put up by Club Rumors‘ official Instagram page and captioned: Floyd Mayweather, @floydmayweather TMT lifestyle world president , will visit Nigeria June 12|13|14 Exclusive to @clubrumorsvi and Zinni Media Group #stricltybyinvitationtomakereservation#clubrumorsvi#stricltymoneytalk #clubrumorsviluxury #princerumors and @official2baba thanks for making this possible

Mayweather is known worldwide for his extravagent lifestyle and habit of showing off his money on Twitter and Instagram.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather to visit Nigeria


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