Burna Boy shows off mansion to US magazine

Burna Boy

Grammy-winning singer, Burna Boy has accorded the world a sneak peek into his home located in one of the high breed areas in Lagos State.

The self-acclaimed ‘African giant’ recently gave Architectural Digest, an American monthly magazine founded in 1920 whose principal subjects are interior design and landscaping, a tour around his Lagos based home.

The recent tour of the “Kilometre” singer’s abode revealed intricate design techniques and innovations, a synergy of art, beauty, and creativity that make his home, his safe place.

Inside, it boasts of high ceilings, a private cinema, lounges, and a game room. There’s also plenty of garage space and tall windows.

The creators made sure to optimise natural light in the 3,700-square-foot structure, which is divided into two distinct parts.

One area houses a recording studio, gym, and bedrooms for guest artists. The other is a more intimate area for Burna. It’s where he entertains his closest friends and where his own primary bedroom suite and private terrace are situated.

The downstairs rooms make for a continuous, free-flowing area, with one interior leading right into the next—sans doors.

The main living room leads to a massive window overlooking the tended gardens.

Overall, the compound evokes the serenity of the lagoons, creeks, and the greenery of the Port Harcourt region, some 384 miles away in Nigeria’s Rivers State, where Burna was born.

According to the feature, Burna Boy’s Lagos home is a two-story building grandiose edifice located on a serene 13,000-square-foot land in Lekki.

It is a seven-bedroom home with a private cinema, lounges, a game room, plenty of garage space and tall windows, a recording studio, a gym, and a swimming pool that begins inside and drains outside, all designed by Nigerian architect Akose Enebeli of elArc Designs Limited.

During the course of the tour around his home, Burna said: “Yeah! What’s up AD? Welcome to my crib. Come on! We’re gonna start with the waiting room right here. This is where you wait for me when you pull up. As a visitor like you. The paintings were done by little sister, Nissi, shout out to her.

“Moving on. Here man, so this is my favourite room, the Burna room. So this is where I get my inspiration from and get my head right and stuff.

“A lot of special things here. See all the old records and vinyls. Most of them given to me by my Granddad. And that’s him when he was Fela Kuti’s manager. This is Ebenezer Obey, at least you got Bob Marley. Got Ayinde Barrister, the legend. Got me, the young legend.

“But yeah! Got the lil family wall. That’s my mom and dad, Grandma, all that. Yeah mehn! So this is where the vibes is.

“Living room downstairs, I made sure you can see the pool. Just to see what’s going on outside, you know? Bar, very important, very important.

“Here’s the first floor, my little sister Romi’s room, she has this weird ass ceiling. I don’t even know why she did that. She’s kind of cool.

“My little sister, Nissi’s room. You see the paint board. Out of all the paintings in my house, she done them so, she probably about to cook something up. Moving on up.

“This is the top of the world. Top of my world. Welcome to the garden of Burna. Tried to make a little Island and stuff. You know, a little vibe. Look at the jungle, lool, this is where I come to pray every morning as well.

“I’ve got a lot of Rivers stuff, water sounds. It’s just really water-inspired. It’s peaceful. Nature speaks to me” among other things.

With this development, Burna Boy becomes the first Nigerian entertainment personality to be featured on Architectural Digest’s Open Door series. Nation



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