Cheating comment: Fans blast IK Ogbonna


Married actor, IK Ogbonna says a married man who sleeps with another woman without being emotionally attached isn’t cheating.

IK Ogbonna is of the opinion that casual sex isn’t what cheating is all about. According to him, he believes that getting attached to the person, devoting time to the person is what cheating is.

He said;

“Cheating is not even having sex with a woman, that is one mistake people make. Cheating is when you find yourself developing feelings for someone. Let me explain, if a man finds himself in a situation where he sleeps with a woman for 30minutes and after that it’s done and dusted that’s breaking marital vows not cheating and then you move on with life.”

He further stated that he doesn’t think he can forgive infidelity.

Here’s what people are saying:


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