Chris Brown laughing at Wendy Williams’ husband cheating scandal

Brown and Wendy

As Wendy Williams recovers from the alleged cheating scandal surrounding her husband Kevin Hunter, our insiders say one of her old enemies is enjoying watching the headlines roll in — Chris Brown! Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details.

Ever since a report surfaced that Wendy Williams‘, 53, husband Kevin Hunter,45, reportedly had an affair with a massage therapist the daytime talk show host’s life has been thrown into disarray. As she attempts to move forward, our sources says one of Wendy’s favorite targets is enjoying watching her dirty laundry get thrown into the spotlight! Who could we be referring to? Why, Chris Brown, 28! Check out more pics of the polarizing TV show host right here!

“Chris is loving the whole Wendy drama. As far as he is concerned it’s a classic case of karma biting her on the ass,” a source close to Chris tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Wendy has publicly slated Chris time after time, and he’s sick of her holier-than-thou act. Has Chris messed up? Yeah, of course he has. He’s human, and we all mess up. Chris can’t help feeling that Wendy has brought this on herself. She set herself up to be humiliated by sitting in judgement of others for all these years—and he doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy for her.” Chris clearly isn’t pulling his punches!

Since the supposed scandal broke, our insiders says Wendy is pulling through it as best she can. “Wendy is putting on a very brave face for the cameras, but behind the scenes she is furious,” an insider close to the host previously told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “She can’t believe that Kevin would put her in a situation like this, and she’s utterly mortified.” Hollywoodlife.com


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