Chris Brown suing concert promoter for ‘extreme’ emotional distress


Chris Brown has taken a concert organiser to court, accusing them of attempting to extort him in a situation that caused “extreme” emotional distress.

The Grass Ain’t Greener singer, who postponed a New Year’s Eve (14) concert in the Philippines but later rescheduled the date for July the next year, has claimed that the concert promoter caused distress after he was unable to leave the country unless he paid them $300,000 (£230,000).

According to editors at TMZ, the incident occurred when the 28-year-old singer was unable to perform the original concert date as he had “misplaced his passport” and could not travel.

He agreed to return and perform the missed concert in Manilla at the agreed later date but, according to documents seen by TMZ, when the Grammy award winning star tried to leave the country the following day, he was stopped by men with weapons who then told him he would have to pay the money before he could leave the country.

According to the documents, an attorney for the concert venue had told the singer he had to pay the amount to the trust fund of Jose Victor Los Banos Biongco, believed to be the promoter, or he would be arrested.

Brown refused to pay, hired an immigration attorney and had eventually got clearance to leave the country.

It reportedly took the star three days to leave the country, with the promoter and his representatives reportedly continuing to contact the singer and demand payment even as he travelled to the airport.

Editors at TMZ added that the documents reveal Brown wants Biongco to pay for the “extreme” emotional distress he suffered during this period, as he feels the promoter had been trying to “extort” money from him.

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