Christianity in Nigeria is a fraud – Bisi Alimi

Nigerian gay right activist, Bisi Alimi is once again in the nerws.

This time, he took to social media to give us his take on Christianity in Nigeria

According to Bisi, Christianity in Nigeria is nothing but fraud The issue of religion in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is more or less a controversial topic.

Issues like tithe giving and different religious leaders ranging from the fanatical ones to the flamboyant and sometimes randy ones are constantly debated in the society.

Nigerian gay right activist, Bisi Alimi took to both Facebook and Instagram to share his view on Christianity in Nigeria. In his message, he stated that Christianity in Nigeria is nothing but fraud and that God doesn’t need your money but needs you to take care of yourself.

The controversial gay right activist who currently resides in London received a lot of mixed reactions from people, most of which were in agreement with his view.

He shared the same message on Instagram and captioned it: “Because most of the time, the truth is the best gift you can give humanity.No don’t thank me, just be the change.”

Bisi Alimi
Source: Instagram

Bisi Alimi seem to be clear where he stands on religion but do you think he is right to throw a blanket statement on Christianity? Naij

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