Comedians should be careful of the kind of jokes they tell in church – Kenny Blaq



Fast rising comedian Kenny Blaq recently spoke to about his rise to fame, the challenges he has faced in his career so far and the controversial topic of comedians performing in churches.

Excerpts below:

How he started

If there is one word I would use to describe my rise, I’d say its grace. 2008 when I started, it was like child’s play. As someone who wanted to be a musician and make people happy, I’m glad for where I am today. I used to work with Yoruba artistes and that helped me create my stage presence.

How he crafts his jokes

First, I try to get a story, and then I look for songs that will go with the story. Once that is done, I begin to work on the punchlines. While doing this, you have to leave room for spontaneity also.

His twin sister

Yes it’s true that I am a twin. I and my sister are the last set of twins my mother had. She had two sets of twins we are 7 in number.

His thoughts on comedians performing in churches

Right now, we have churches that also double as event centers and also vice versa. That altar you have becomes a stage the next day. Once a pastor gets on the pulpit, it becomes the altar. Back then, pastors supported us, in fact, they are one of the reasons I became very popular. I don’t understand why people say they do not need comedians in church.

They shouldn’t misquote the bible but God speaks to us in different ways. I won’t blame the pastors who have such an opinion. The comedians who are invited to perform in churches should know the kind of jokes they say. Most comedians think they can go to church and say rubbish. For me, when I’m performing in churches, I make sure I balance the jokes. naij

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