Chairman Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji, has announced that COSON Week 2017 will hold from October 27 to November 3.

Speaking from the magnificent new COSON House, Lagos to a select group of journalists on a conference call over the weekend, Chief Okoroji responded to the question why COSON Week did not hold in 2016. The renowned writer/producer and Africa’s top intellectual property advocate said,From the beginning, we took the decision that the COSON Week will be held every two years. COSON Week is the ‘World Cup’ of entertainment in Nigeria or if you prefer, the Olympic Games. Seven mega events in seven different venues over seven days! That is no beans. The planning and logistics are mind boggling. You cannot do that every year. It is the same way the World Cup cannot hold every year. We skip a year to reboot and refresh and come up with more exciting ideas. Everywhere I go people keep asking me, ‘when is the COSON Week going to hold?’ Now you can say to them categorically that COSON Week 2017 will hold from October 27 to November 3”

Asked what Nigerians should be expecting from October 27 to November 3, the celebrated former President of PMAN said, “breath taking events, short and simple”. Prodded further, he said, “From October 27 to November 3, 2017, you should expect awe inspiring events different from anything you have seen before. You know me well and you know that I do not mess around. I am a professional and do not want my name ever associated with any ‘cut and join’ thing. Whatever I say, we will do, we will do. The COSON brand has become a very important national brand and we do not associate it with mediocrity. At the COSON Week 2017, we will further raise the bar of entertainment in Nigeria. In the first part of the year, we were committed to fulfilling our promise of delivering the historic COSON House to the Nigerian creative community. With the successful commissioning of the COSON House, a promise made has been kept.

“We are now in the second half of the year. It is time to unleash those events that will reduce the stress level in the land and give succor to every Nigerian who has had to bear the weight of economic and political uncertainty in recent times. Very soon, we will begin to dish out the juicy details of COSON Week 2017. Fasten your seat belts everyone, COSON Week is coming!”

Chief Tony Okoroji who also runs the high-flying entertainment and events company, TOPS, started the organization of major entertainment award events in Nigeria with the epoch-making Nigerian Music Awards (NMA). The NMA, the hottest award show in Nigerian history attracted presidents, governors, ambassadors and stars from around the world.

Tony Okoroji is the only man to have ever been dropped from the roof of the main bowl of the National Theatre in Lagos on to the stage in a blaze of lights and sounds. He said, “as producer, it is my style to always give you top rate entertainment that keeps you on the edge of your seat but also has intellectual depth. Anyone who was at the COSON Song Awards 2013 can bear witness to the fact that it was different from any other award event you have seen anywhere. It had flash and pizzas but still had a deep story line. You could feel the enormous pre-production work that went on before the event. That is who I am, always competing with myself. We will be linking the best brains and resources at COSON and TOPS to deliver to Nigerians an unforgettable experience. From now to November, COSON Week is it. Of course, one of the 7 big events will be the COSON Song Awards. You want me to tell you about the COSON Song Awards 2017? The only way you can describe it is wow!!!”


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