Daddy Freeze calls out Bobrisky on wearing fake Rolex

OAP Daddy Freeze recently called out Bobrisky on wearing fake Rolex

Bobrisky is known to be a heavy subscriber of the pepper dem gang as he always shows off his latest things

He however got another thing coming when he supposedly put up a fake Rolex

Male barbie Bobrisky would never have suspected what he had coming when he put up a photo of himself rocking what looked like a gold Rolex. OAP Daddy Feeze who claims to be affiliated with the brand outed Bob when he publicly told him he wasn’t wearing a Rolex.

Wearing a luxurious brand comes with a lot of perks. Must have been what Bobrisky was aiming at when he displayed his alleged knockoff gold Rolex. However, the real rockers of the brand have informed him of his huge mistake.


Bobrisky is known for showing off his latest things.Including new hairstyles, expensive nail arts, make-up and luxurious items. His latest attempt was at showing off a gold Rolex which based on response from OAP Daddy Freeze was a mistake.

daddy freeze

Daddy Freeze who is so sure of knowing the brand called the bleaching expert out on social media and told him the gospel truth about the band on his wrist. In his words: ” I respect Bob a lot as I can see how far he has come and how well he has done for himself. However, as a good friend of the brand and from the point of view of a customer, I can categorically inform you that this is not a #Rolex”


Certainly a polite diss to Bobrisky who is known for having a sharp mouth. Bob is yet to respond to this complete take down but recall that he finished celebrity fashion designer, Toyin Lawani after she fired at him. naij

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