Divorce mess! My wife’s lover is very rich, man tells court

A neighbour told me my wife brings men to our home, man tells court

A businessman, Abor Egwu, on Tuesday told a Nyanya Customary Court, Abuja, that his wife brings her lover into their matrimonial home whenever he was not at home.

He was testifying in a divorce petition filed by his wife, Gift Erima.

“A neighbour told me that whenever I leave home, my wife brings her man friend into our house.

“I did not want to believe that because it is not always wise to act based on hear-say in issues of this nature.

“I just disregarded it, and termed it gossip,” he said.

Egwu told the court that he did not know that it was true until he found out the whole truth by himself.

He said that he would have confronted the man, but for the fact that the man was wealthier than him.

“The man has a lot of money, cars, in fact, he is very rich,” he said.

Egwu also told the court that when he found out, he sent his wife to go to the village and stay.

“I later heard that my wife took that same man to her parent and introduced him as the man she wants to marry.’’

He told the court to grant his wife’s request and dissolve the marriage, as he was already fed up.

Egwu begged the court not to grant his wife the custody of their children.

“I don’t want another man to raise my children,” he said.

Erima who was present in court, denied all the allegations.

“He is lying, he is the one that is married, and ever since he married, he has not been taking care of me and the children,” she said.

Erima begged the court not to grant her husband custody of the children of the marriage.

The judge, Mr Jemilu Jega, advised the couple to reconcile and adjourned the case until June 22, for report of settlement or hearing.(NAN)

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