Divorce mess! When I’m away, my wife turns to sex machine – estranged husband

An Ibadan-based businessman, Mr Kabir Bakare, on Tuesday asked a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan to dissolve the four-year marriage between him and his wife, Funmilola, over alleged prostitution.

Kabir, who lives with his wife at Idiayunre area of Ibadan, told the court that Funmilola was making their marriage unworkable due to her infidelity.

“I got to know that anytime that I am away on my business activities, Funmilola, on her escapades, turns to a sex machine for all sorts of men.

“In fact, my lord, she got pregnant along the line of which I know I was not responsible for.

“I asked her, but Funmilola denied being pregnant and I later found out that she carried out an abortion.

“Well, I still allowed her, hoping that she will change.

“Later, my relatives and I caught Funmilola red handed in a nearby hotel in the company of her secret lover, doing what she knows how to do best.

“The most painful thing to me is that the man I caught her with is a riff-raff in the neighbourhood.”

Bakare said that her parents wanted the matter resolved but “I am through with her; I cannot continue to cope with her waywardness.

“Before the matter got to this level, I reported to her parents, but they did nothing about it.”

He further said that his estranged wife had abandoned their one-year-old child for him.

However, the respondent was absent in court when she was called.

The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, adjourned the case till Aug. 4 for the continuation of hearing.(NAN)

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