‘Do it for the passion – Peter Okoye advises upcoming artists

The celebrated singer and performer goes very candid on camera, re-orienting aspiring musicians on the need to be passionate about the craft, not letting it be about the money alone.

Peter Okoye of the Psquare fame has come out to advise upcoming musicians and entertainers on being passionate about wanting to go about venturing into music .

He warns, speaking with HipTV that having money as the main focus and driving factor will not get them very far, explaining that when Psquare were starting off, it was about them deriving pleasure in entertaining with their talent and not about the money, adding that there was no money in the industry at that time.

Music is passion, when we all started up there was no money in the industry, we were doing it for the passion, in fact if you don’t pay me, I’m still going to sing, I’m still going to dance, so the real  question for the upcoming musicians  is are you gonna sing if you are not getting paid.”

Of course this video received varied responses from his followers  on Twitter.

@PeterPsquare @HenshawKate Passion ko,Masterblaster ni,All blow na blow whether driven by passion,money,fanbase or talent.Recall your decline to Soundcity re free show

@PeterPsquare Thats a great one, but the question is what ll those driven by passion live on? R we going to pay bills with passion?

@PeterPsquare True talk Bro, that is y some people one or two and see that the money is not coming again, there stop and you won’t hear them again.thanks

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