Every Other Continent Is Laughing At Us – Jidenna Speaks On One Africa Music Fest Disaster

The multi-skilled act advises on more professionalism and sharpness to be shown by Africans.

Jidenna grants an interview following his disappointing outing at the recently concluded One Africa Music Fest.

Jidenna speaks on One Africa Music Fest disaster

He speaks with Factory78TV in London, and starts off by praising Paul O, (the CEO Upfront and Personal Global Management Consultants, organisers of the music fest) for the whole concept of the event trying to promote Africa and African music to the world.

“Every other continent is laughing at us,” Jidenna says on Nigerians and Africans still embracing “African time” fail to respect timeliness, and says he is still expecting an apology from the organisers.

Jidenna and Chief Obi in 'The Let Out' video

The interviewer Kalish J read off some comments on social media about the event and reactions to Jidenna’s plight for Africans to be more time conscious.

Jidenna however expressed optimism and pride for the reception and support African music is getting as seen by the turn out at the One Africa Music Fest.

Moving forward Jidenna says Africans should be sharp and more professional.

“We just have to continue to develop our professionalism, I think we are doing a great job I think we can do greater, just be sharp” the ‘Bambi’ singer rapper concludes.

On how he feels being listed on the Forbes’  Top 10 Most Bankable African artists, Jidenna says he is proud of himself and everybody on the list.

It’s just exciting that this is happening on the continent and in the large part the Afrobeat movement happened because we began to invest in our own artists’’ he remarks.

Jidenna sets release date for debut album "The Chief"

He also adds that what he is now looking forward to in the future is diversifying the music across the African continent apart from Nigerian music

On plans for the rest of the year, Jidenna reveals he’ll be going on tours across North America, Africa and Europe. pulse

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