Exam malpractice: Kano school charges N30,000 per student for grades

The Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission has commenced an investigation into alleged examination malpractice at the Supreme Intelligence College, Kano.

The Chairman of the commission, Mr Muhuyi Magaji, on Wednesday explained that the investigation followed a complaint it received over an allegation that the school was charging N30, 000 per student.

Magaji said the petition alleged that another N6,000 was said to have been collected prior to the SSCE under the pretext that it would be used to settle examination supervisors for better grades.

“After the settlement of the initial N6,000 to the dismay of the aggrieved parents who reported the matter to this office, they were again asked to pay additional N1,500 for the children to be issued with a calculator for the for mathematics examination,” he said.

The chairman said it was reported that parents who could afford the N1,500 were given a separate class to write their exams while those who could not afford the money were threatened with failure.

“This is a serious allegation of corruption which the commission deemed necessary to investigate and thus invoke its powers under the provisions of sections 9 and 15 of the state Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission Law 2008 (as amended).

“We have visited the school in our effort to investigate the matter especially the allegation of separating the students in view of their failure to comply with the corruption demand,” he said.

He said the commission had already reported the matter to the state government in view of the fact that many private and public schools were involved in this malfeasance.

“It was revealed to the office that only two private schools in the state are not complying with this illegal attitude of paying kickback for grades.

“A substantial number of public schools also engages in such illegal act in connivance with the students and in some cases the parents,” Magaji said.

According to him, this type of shady deals may look like a ‘petty corruption’, but in reality, it serves as the breeding platform for a large scale corrupt generation.

“Investigation suggested that the students are fully aware of the ugly trend which exposes them to corrupt activities at an early stage in life,’’ said the chairman.

He assured that the commission would investigate the matter thoroughly in the best interest of the country’s educational system, societal norms and values.(NAN)

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