Excitement as El-Montage all stars album set to shake music industry

Nollywood giant and boss of El Montage, , Tarila Thompson, also the director of In The Creek
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El-Montage the wave-making label currently serenading the Nigerian music industry is poised to drop globally the hit songs and hot videos of its all stars album.


The top notch record label owned my Nollywood giant and leading filmmaker, Tarila Thompson who is the director of one of the biggest films ever shot in Nollywood, In The Creek, told DAYLIGHT.NG that he is fully out to change the narratives in the nation’s music industry with El Montage All Stars.

Amazingly, the all stars album also featured the soundtrack of In The Creek, unarguably Africa’s biggest film today, expected to be released globally soon.


Below are the profiles of the four multi-talented musicians and singers currently making waves and widening their fans base nationally and internationally on El Montage label.



Lovers of good music in Nigeria and beyond will soon be thrilled with the emergence of a new genre of sounds from the stables of EL-Montage Records. Featuring multi-talented acts with irresistible fusions of Afro-hip hop, dance hall and afro beats respectfully.


One of such act is Bowei, the Bayelsa born lyrical militant crooner, who actually jettisoned the guns and restiveness of the creeks to embrace the microphone to express the level of violation meted out on his kinsmen. But more interestingly is his extraordinary gift at mesmerizing his audience at any given opportunity.


A Brief preview of some of the hit songs in the album project pays credence to this. His teeming fans will be serenaded with his heart melting love songs such as Kpekele, Ariya baby, Destiny child, fast tempo hits as My Name, Kalakala, My Life, e.t.c. is definitely a music lovers’ delight.


The album titled Destiny Child will be released in July, 2017. While the hit single, Kpekele, will be burning the air waves by the end of May 2017.


A galaxy of fascinating stars is also featured in the album project including the mercurial TX2, Dr. Luv and Cashson.


Destiny child is produced by the master mind himself Tarila Thompson and the prolific Victor Enang for EL-Montage records.


  1. LUV


Dr. Luv a.k.a. Mr. Lover Lover, is a bridge between the past and present generation of sound, talking musically.


Having transverse in stages of his music artistry with celebrities past and present both in Nigeria and South Africa, Dr. Luv could said to have paid his dues in the music industry. His new found sound could be adduced to his catalogue of experience.


A multi instrumentalist and one of the best sound engineers in the modern era, Dr. Luv is replete with ideas reminiscent of the likes of Wyclef and Kenneth Edmond a.k.a. Baby face.


He has brought this experience to bear on his debut album titled, “SEXY LADY” loaded with 13 tracks of irresistible songs guaranteed to top the chat tables any day.


Dr. Luv proffers that it’s a comprehensive assemblage of his musical experience so far and one could not agree any less. His rendition of the scintillating Afro pop, dance hall and contemporary high-life songs is purely breath taking; a guaranteed social circle and club banger any day.


The executives at EL-Montage records had this to say “our voyage into the music industry is to redirect and bring originality into the now sound. We definitely appreciate talents when we see one, hence all the acts on our label are extremely gifted and with good facilitation is poised to herald         the new era of music”.


Dr. Luv is presently signed to EL-Montage records and in his summary believes he is a force to be reckoned with as far as the new sound is concerned. So get ready for the next best thing in the African music scene.




When you hear a crafty soloist rendering a tune with limitless octaves and dynamics easily referred to as monstrous, in music parlance, one name definitely comes to mind, that of the legendary Whitney Houston Brown or comparatively, our own Yinka Davies, the Eko ile crooner who had dazzled us with her powerful voice, for more than a decade has just resurfaced with the release of a sound track album titled “IN THE CREEK”


The highly philosophical lyrics will enchantingly guide you through the world unknown, but the rendition in a Yinka Davies tradition is so captivating, you either swing to the well crafted rhythm or simply relax and digest the melody from one of the most gifted singers of our generation.


Yinka Davies in the words of the producer, Victor Enang, is a rare breed as far as singing is concerned. She practically nailed that song. We know exactly what to expect when it was decided for her to do the song.


The song IN THE CREEK is the theme, from the global feature film produced and directed by the master mind himself TARILA THOMPSON. To be released soon.





TX2 can be described as the proverbial sound buster. A talent that fits into anything he dares, with a Midas touch. His musical adventure is as intriguing as can be said, but his obvious artistry leaves no one in doubt. He has been featured by many top acts in various types of songs including high-life, Hip-hop, Afro and Jazz and he has excelled to say the least. His rendition of the afro beat song, ‘Original African Woman’, likened to its originator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, is simply breath taking.


He’s apparently the most featured act on the stable of EL-Montage records and his influence can be seen in all the songs he’s done.


So many positives can be said of his skills but his unique vocals and rapping ability is simply legendary; watch out for TX2 vibes.





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