Fans see me as an ATM – Ramsey Nouah

Frequent requests for money from fans and admirers has caused a lot of discomfort to the actor.

Ramsey Nouah’s celebrity status hasn’t been without a bunch of financial commitment as he has had to give fans who pass him a greeting on their meeting some money.

The actor who recently cleared the air concerning his nationality admitted that his predicament has cost him some discomfort.

He revealed this while responding to questions in a chat with The Sun News which focused on the impact which fame has made in his life.

“I wouldn’t say it closed doors on my face. No, not exactly. But, you know, you meet lots of people who tend to appreciate you.

“Everyone sees you around, all your fans, most especially in Lagos; see you as their ATM. All their greetings have to be paid for. For instance, they will greet you ‘Hey, good morning bros, we dey hail o…’ You know you have to drop something, so it’s quite a thorn in the flesh.”


Just like other colleagues, fame has come at a price requiring celebrities to make adjustment in their lives. Changes they are not necessarily happy to be making.

Stand-up comic, Basketmouth in an earlier interview with Punch News published on Saturday, September 24, 2016, made reference to this.

The sacrifices he has had to make to accommodate his celebrity status includes a lack of privacy and the freedom to express himself like he would if he was rid of popularity.

“I have been robbed of my privacy and the freedom I had. The fact that I must be very careful with everything I say and do is a bit of a pressure.

“However, I wouldn’t trade the journey for anything. I won’t change a thing.”

Frank Edoho hosted Who Wants to be A Millionaire for 13 years.

In the same vein, television host Frank Edoho thinks the pressure of being a famous person can be very overwhelming.

He was of the opinion that celebs shouldn’t have to live in pretence just to please fans in an interview with Hip TV. According to him, major leaguers have feelings just like everyone on the street. pulse

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