Femi Kuti breaks another record


It’s not every day one gets to hear of positive records being broken in Nigeria

Thanks to veteran musician Femi Kuti Nigeria has been recognized again on the global map

His latest performance at the New Afrikan Shrine is responsible for this

In Nigeria, the name Kuti is synonymous with great things. From Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, women’s rights activist and the first woman to drive a car to iconic musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, this family has always been associated with excellence.

On Sunday, May 14, 2017, legendary musician and son of Fela, Femi Kuti, again added another prestigious feather to his already full cap. He shattered the record for the longest held musical note as he played a single sax note for over 51 minutes. This record was once held by world renowned saxophonist Kenny G.

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However this is not the first time Femi is attempting to break this record. On Sunday May 7, 2017, he held on the same saxophone for 46 minutes 38secs but it was not enough to break the official record held by musician Vann Burchfield who had held the note for 47 minutes, 5.5 seconds.

With his time of 51 minutes, 35 seconds, Femi Kuti is officially the world record holder. He was able to break the record using a technique known as circular breathing. It is used by players of some wind instruments to produce a continuous tone without interruption. This is accomplished by breathing in through the nose while simultaneously pushing air out through the mouth using air stored in the cheeks.

Sadly, Guinness World Records has said they have stopped monitoring a record category for longest wind instrument note. naij

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