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The new seasons of the European championships have already started, which means that it is now necessary for all football fans to follow closely the free live scores of their favorite teams. The sports fans can do it on the website of the sports statistics where they will be able to find not only the results of all matches, but also the detailed schedule of the upcoming matches and the personal statistics of football players.

This season is really testing Madrid Real and especially Zinedine Zidane for strength. In summer, the team was very active in the transfer market and has spent over 300 million euros on new players. Despite this, the problem is that no one, besides Hazard and, perhaps, Mendy, can strengthen the current roster. Other football players have been bought for the future and will hardly become key players in the current season.

Despite such a significant acquisitions, it is difficult to say that Real Madrid has become stronger. The team is facing the same problem: too many players in some lines and a lack of motivation, due to which the team failed the previous season completely.

Although, the present Real made a good start. Even Bale who conflicted with Zinedine Zidane in summer is treating the fans with his good performance.

Like whole Real, the Welsh player performs well if he is in the right mood for the game. But will the starting rounds of Primera mark the beginning of good results during the championship? This is an important issue because the first matches demonstrated that the Royal Club has a lot of problems.

Easy Viewing of Free Live Scores of Real Matches

With it, Real still has a lot of trump cards that might help the team achieve successful results not only at the home, but also international arena. The key trumps are:

  1. A long bench. Due to this, even severe injuries of leaders won’t be a problem for the team and won’t influence free live scores of competitions of the Royal Club.
  2. Great high-level field experience. The Real’s mastership, skills and ability to win deciding matches. It can become an important trump in the long term.
  3. Personal skills of team leaders, each of which can decide the fate of the match in favor of the Royal Club.

That is why it is so interesting to watch Real games. In the near future, when main matches of the first Primera round begin, we will know whether the team withstands competition with its stable rivals, Barcelona and Atletico.

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