Help! Aderonke Afolayan, mother of three, down with kidney failure, needs N10m to stay alive

Afolayan on her sick bed


Good day,


By way of Introduction, I am Ranti Jacobs Agbaminoja an old school mate to Aderonke Afolayan who is currently fighting for her life due to an illness she has been diagnosed with (Kidney Failure) which has deteriorated and now life threatening.


I want to seek your assistance in a way: Aderonke would like to seek help from fellow Nigerians to raise fund for her kidney transplantation at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, through your Media Platform.


The sum of Ten Million Naira is needed, she and her family cannot afford this, even now her kids have stopped going to school because all their savings are gone toward dialysis which she has to do three times a week at the rate of eighty-five thousand naira/ dialysis section.


Aderonke Afolayan a 44-year-old mother of three who needs urgent Ten Million Naira

(=N= 10. 000,000) for her Kidney transplantation is asking for your office to grant her the opportunity at your broadcasting house to seek for financial help. Attached to this letter are pictures of Aderonke and her family before the diagnosis and her picture now.

As the expense of the treatment is beyond the reach of her family, we earnestly request you to support her chances to come back to life by giving her the requested opportunity to help publish this on your media platform.   in other to seek for help.

Thanks, in anticipation of your prompt and positive support


Aderemi Amu

Campaign Manager



Dupe Ogundiran

Asst. Campaign Manager

  1. 386. 5779

Ranti Jacobs Agbaminoja

Media & Publicity

(+1) 470.443.4420





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