How Twitter caught fire after WhatsApp outage

Instant messaging service, WhatsApp, was down for nearly two hours across Europe, Asia, Africa and The Americas yesterday.

During the downtime, users across the world were unable to send and receive messages.

Confirming the incident, Reuters posted an acknowledgement of the issue by the app makers. The spokesperson for WhatsApp said the company was aware of the outage and it was working to fix it.

Here is how twitter reacted too. See some of the comments below.

What do WhatsApp and @MBuhari have in common? They both did not show up for work yesterday. Today, WhatsApp returned to work. We await PMB.

Good morning to everyone.

Except “Jim Balsamic (CEO of Whatsapp)” and the foolish stunt he pulled last night.

When everyone keeps saying WhatsApp was down last night, but you slept by 11pm & woke by 6 this morning to find 7 messages on your WhatsApp

Queen holds emergency meeting to find out why her WhatsApp weren’t working 



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