Hunger hits rooftop as demand for toads rise in Jigawa

Toad sellers are recording high sales in Hadejia, Jigawa, due to the growing demand of the aquatic animal, the News Agency of Nigeria, reports.

The toad is a brown, tailless amphibian with a short stout body and short legs, typically having dry warty skin.

Not a popular delicacy in the North, hitherto, toads are now in high demand in some communities of the central and southern parts of the country.

A NAN check at the Hadejia Market showed that toad sellers were making brisk businesses due to a significant increase in the demand for the animals.

A long stick, which contains about 20 toads, was sold for N1,000 and a small stick with 10 toads attracts N450.

Toad sellers described the trade as lucrative in view of the growing market.

A seller, Alhaji Haruna Shuaibu, said that he was making good sales due to the rise in the demand of toads.

Shuaibu explained that toad demand had surpassed supply, adding that toads were very rare in the dry season.

“Toad trade is good. It has attracted many people due to its lucrative nature. Buyers are coming to the market from other states to buy. They prefer dried toads, but some buy fresh ones,” he said.

According to him, traders at the market transport hundreds of sticks of toads to other parts of the country on a weekly basis.

Zakari Hadi, a toad hunter, said that he was making between N2, 000 and N3, 000 from the sales of toads, adding that this enables him to meet his basic financial needs.

Hadi said that he used nets to trap and catch toads, adding that the animals were available at ponds in the area.Punch

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