I prefer a dancing senator to one that can’t control sexual urge –Alibaba

Ademola Adeleke

Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, in a lengthy Instagram post has criticised those who condemn Davido’s uncle, Senator-elect Ademola Adeleke, for celebrating his electoral victory with vigorous dances captured in a trending video.

The video was released after he was declared the winner of Osun West Senatorial bye-election.

The outspoken comedian likened Senator Adeleke to King David who was known to be an ardent dancer.

“But David danced. Was an adulterer. Murderer, too. But he gave you guys the Psalms that you cast and bind with,” Alibaba wrote.

Casting aspersions on senators who have allegedly done worse things than music star Davido’s uncle, Alibaba said Senator Adeleke deserved to dance.

“So, this senator dances and that is your problem? What have we become? The Senate is filled with people who were elected through undemocratic processes.

“I would rather one Senator that dances than one that threatens to sleep with people’s wives! left their state broke, but left as billionaires.”

See his IG post:


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