I’av not yet seen my kids – Harrysong

The singer who welcomed a set of twins in Beverly Hills, California has revealed he has been too busy to go see them.

Harrysong has just revealed he is yet to see his babies.

The singer who welcomed a set of twins, a boy and a girl, in Beverly Hills, California has revealed he has been too busy to go see them.

Harrysong announces birth of twins

Harrysong in a chat with “DATJOBLESSBOI TV” said, “​I have not seen my new kids, I’ve been very busy!!!… Their mother has been sending me pictures, It’s amazing.”

He also spoke about his new record label and his relationship with his former “Five Star Music” label mates.

This comes after Harrysong reacted to allegations that he stole a picture of a set of twins to announce the arrival of his new babies.

Responding to the allegations in a chat with Premium Times on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, the Alterplate CEO said the news broke while he and his entire team were on the set of a video shoot with Emarshall at Maryland, Lagos.

Harrysong announces birth of twins with allegedly stolen picture

He said, “To set the record straight, the Instagram account, perezandtarela was set up by my baby mama who is very reserved and media shy, despite being a successful business woman.

She created the account with the sole aim of cataloguing the growth and development of her lovely twins. However, the account which was meant to run privately and operated by one of her younger siblings who mistakenly posted internet photographs was blown open by me.

I was obviously overjoyed and reposted the first photos on my way from Port Harcourt. With every sense of humility, it was a huge and regrettable mistake.” pulse

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