I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been about releasing music – Miley Cyrus

Last week, Miley Cyrus spoke to Key 103 presenter Daryl Morris about her new music revealing she’s more nervous about releasing it than any of her previous work. She puts this down to living in the moment and being really ‘present’ while recording.
She hit out at haters who claimed she has changed since her pop days, saying she hopes she has and that her music has evolved too. She wants to experience every gene of music and doesn’t see it as an insult.

She has also come under fire for her raunchy outfits and provocative behaviour, but still strives to be a role model to young girls. Although she was written about negatively in the press, she believes all her actions come from a good place which she claims is more than people in government can say.

Coming from a close knit family of musicians, it is no surprise Miley is in constant contact with her parents. She shares that she has grown even closer to her mum, calling her several times throughout the day. She also relies on her dad for support and advice.

Finally, Miley revealed her British comfort food used to be fish and chips but since turning vegan she indulges on frozen peas instead.

Miley on her nerves… “I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been about releasing music. I don’t remember feeling like this before and I think that part of it is being really present. I feel very in the moment and so I guess I’m really feeling what it should feel like to share something that means so much to you with so many people.”

Miley on changing… “I was just talking about how change has become derogatory for people, something you can use against people to say you’ve changed. I think that should be a compliment rather than something negative. I hope I change all the time and I hope also my styles of music that I listen to and every part of my life where I am, I hope by the end of my life I have gotten to experience every type of music that this world has to offer because there is so many detailed amazing genres and artists.”

Miley on wanting to be a role model… “I really do and yesterday there were some little girls that came up to me and told me I was a good role model and I said you probably have some cool parents because sometimes parents make me seem like that is not what I am but I really find myself to be a role model.”

Miley on the negative press… “It always really hurt me, not because I think I am better or because they should look up to me, but I do know that everything that I’m doing, even if sometimes it is not right it comes from the right place. My words, my actions, even if they don’t always seem right because I’m human, they always come from a good place and that is more than some people in our worlds and in our government can say.”

Miley on family… “I have become the biggest baby in my entire family. As I get older I don’t know what is happening to me, I’m getting more needy for my mum. My mum was asked who she talks to the most the other day and it was me. Not by her choice. I call her 24,000 times a day and my dad as well. Me and my dad are closer than we have ever been and I think my family is honestly a very cool example of a mosaic family that has been broken into a million pieces but has been put back together.”

Miley on her favourite British food… “My favourite thing used to be fish and chips and now I’m a vegan at the worst time ever because I’m going to be touring in the UK and this is not a good time to not get my fish and chips.”

Miley on her weird eating habits… “People think I’m gross because I eat frozen peas out of the bag all the time. That is my go-to snack.”  musicnews.com

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