In The Creek: All you need to know about the first African Hollywood blockbuster directed by Nollywood giant, Tarila Thompson

Nollywood giant, Tarila Thompson

Currently adjudged Africa’s biggest export movie, the title, ‘In the Creek’ is as real and self-explanatory as the story itself, told genuinely by those affected. The movie is set on the backdrop of the pain, neglect, sufferings, marginalization, deprivation and exploitation of the people and lands from where Nigeria derives over 80% of its national wealth. 


Tarila Thompson with cast and crew members on the set of in the creek

It is a revealing story of how so much is taken from a people and how so little is done for and to them. It is a story that shows the premium that is placed on crude oil as against the lives of people who have over the years, gone about their businesses not knowing what magnitude of resources they sat on; as they never depended on it. But like rational human beings that they are, the movie is a compelling story of how these people rose to fight for their rights, their lives, and their source of livelihood. 


Tarila on the set of in the creek with cast and crew members

It is simply the movie that tells you about the struggle of and what really happened in the creeks. You can call it ‘The Letter of the Niger Delta written to fellow Nigerians and the world”. The movie which depicts battle scenes, is dramatized with actual battlefield equipment in communities in the Niger-Delta, Johannesburg and London. The movie boasts of the best of acts and production crew from Africa, America and Europe.


What Makes This Movie Different From Others


  1. The movie is dramatized on REAL battlefields with original props such as fighter jets, armored tankers, Gun boats, oil rig explosions etc. 


  1. It is an ‘action thriller’ genre of movie which is arguably new in the collection of cinema movies out of Africa. 


  1. We know Africa and Nigeria in particular isn’t synonymous or well received for ‘action packed’ movies. So the movie has on its production team some of the world’s best stunt masters and crew who have worked on projects such as Spartacus, Expendables 6, and Fast & Furious. 


  1. The movie is a real life story which was dramatized and not narrated, using in its cast, real militants who have now discovered their potentials in acting. 


  1. The movie is lip-synced in over 5 different foreign languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Cantonese etc. This enables the movie break the barrier of language with its audience globally. 


  1. The sensitivity and quality of the movie enables it boast of adequate investment of time and attention to details. It took over 4 years to produce. 


  1. The movie is setting aside a percentage of the income made to NGOs who are working to rehabilitate and restore peace in these regions. 




With their land and waters, devastated by unregulated oil exploration in the oil-rich Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, pocket-sized agitation by the local youths is met with robust assault by the military authorities. As things threaten to escalate, the community seeks the help of a local school teacher, Diongoli. A man whose philosophy brings a whole new dimension to the struggle.

In The Creek is produced and directed by the multiple award-winning filmmaker Tarila Thompson.

It will be released in over four foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, etc.


The Production


Writing “In The Creek” took over three years of extensive research with materials sourced from narratives given by various indigenous creek dwellers, Niger Delta activists and leading political figures from the region.

Raising an initial investment of two hundred million Naira (just over a million dollars) to produce the movie in 2011, the movie assembled a globally-recognized cast and crew, including seasoned Hollywood DOP Nikolay Kerezov (Spartacus and The Expendables), renowned Stunt Director Andrew Mekenzie and a highly accomplished technical crew led by Naude Heunis, Layoda Conrad and Metodi Evstatev.

Top European and A-List African movie stars such as Jean Denise-Romer, Michael Inhov, Omotola Jalade, Van Vicker, Beverly Naya, Segun Arinze and Patience Ozokwo took the production to even greater heights.

In The Creek is one of the most ambitious African productions yet. Shot in Nigeria and South Africa with an over 550-strong multinational cast and crew, In The Creek also stars real life Niger Delta militants to give a vibrant authenticity and gritty realism to the production. With close to three million dollars already spent on the production. In The Creek easily competes in the technical quality with acclaimed action movies the world over.

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