Inhuman treatment! Police handcuff man to van, drag him on ground

A video of policemen who handcuffed a man to their van, dragging him on the ground and subjecting him to other  inhuman treatment has emerged online.

In the video, a man could be seen lying on the ground with his left hand handcuffed to the body of a police van. Angry onlookers could also be heard casting aspersions and cursing the officers, who apparently had driven the van to that point dragging the man along.

A Facebook user, Irabor Franklyn, who shared the video on his timeline said the incident happened on Sunday in Benin City.

He explained that some of them who tried to beg on behalf of the young man that was handcuffed to the van were also brutalised.

He wrote, “I and so many others were brutalised by men of the Nigeria Police Force, Esige Division. Just because we pleaded with them not to drag a young man chained to the back of their Hilux Van along the road. This happened on morning Sunday, May 15th, 2017 between 1st East Circular Road and Sopkonba Road Junction, Benin City.”Punch




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