Injured limb: Nollywood star, Clem Ohameze set for surgery


Veteran actor Clem Ohameze has considered undergoing a procedural surgery to correct his lower limb.

In a video, which recently surfaced online, the thespian disclosed he was involved in an accident some time ago which explains his absence from the movie scene for a long time.

He revealed he noticed some kind of difficulty in walking after he was treated and even got better which prompted going for some more medical consultations and the doctors (neuro and orthopedic surgeons) recommended a surgical procedure.

The 56-year-old film actor confessed the surgery feels scary but he must however undergo the procedure if he is to regain full movement again.

Ohaneze said: “My name is Clem Ohaneze, Sometime back, I was involved in a car accident. I was taken to the hospital. While I was being treated, they discovered that my lower limb was kind of affected. So I had an x-ray done. And the result of the x-ray showed that my cervical vertebrae 3 had collapsed on cervical vertebrae 4. Thereby, causing some kind of pressure on my spinal cord. And that was what caused the retardment of the lower limb. Nation


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