Instagram bans model for posting ‘too sexy’ photo

glamour model dubbed ‘too sexy for Instagram’ has likened having her account shut down to Doctor Dao’s removal from United Airlines in April.

Elle Johnson, from Park City, Utah, has spoken out after she was banned from the social media site due to a ‘violation of community guidelines’.

The model, who shares sultry photos with her fans, took to Twitter on Tuesday tweeting: ‘Booted off #Instagram again!

They treat models like #United treated Dr. Dao. Not the physical abuse part-the random get off the plane part!’

Elle first had her account blocked in January this year after it was reported to Instagram and since happening a second time in 2017 the outspoken model has drawn in further publicity.

One publication, EveryJoe, dubbed her ‘too sexy’ for the social media site while Maxim referred her as ‘too hot to handle’

Elle Johnson

After the supposed violation was investigated Elle’s account, which boasts 418,000 followers, was reactivated on Friday.

Elle says she has been left bemused as to why her account was disabled as, despite her risque shots, she complies with the site’s guidelines. punch

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