INTERVIEW: 2023: I Am “The Messiah” To Lead Anambra Central District – Umeadi



The Young Progressive Party (YPP) candidate for Anambra Central Senatorial District in the 2023 general election, Chief Dr Chinedu Umeadi has revealed how he would improve the standard of living of his people especially on health and educational issues, youth empowerment among others if given the mandate to represent them at the senate. In this exclusive interview with, the Canada based medical practitioner who holds the revered title of Agunechemba 1 of Abagana also spoke on his chances against the major political parties and what he would do differently. Excerpts:



Q – You have been deeply involved in charity works, tell us what gave birth to one of your laudable initiatives christened Dr Chinedu Umeadi Foundation


A – Dr Chinedu Umeadi Foundation is a charity organization which I set up to be helping the less privileged people of the world. Due to the general poverty in the land and difficulties people are going through they keep on coming to me asking for one help or the other. In my own little capacity and with resources available to me I used it to help add values to their lives. So after a while, I thought it would make sense to set up a Foundation and do things in a more structured way. That was why I set up the Foundation on November 2019. To God be the glory as we have been moving from strength to strength.


Q – What are the main objectives of this Foundation?


A – Some of our objectives include youth empowerment, poverty aliviation, supporting education and improving the health of the people. We have managed to touch many lives especially through our medical care. Dr Chinedu Umeadi Foundation is all about helping and supporting people.


Q – You are aspiring for the senatorial ticket to represent Anambra Central District in 2023 general elections on the platform of the Young Peoples Party (YPP), can you give us an insight why you choose to join the race?


A  – If you look at the current situation in the country, a lot of people are suffering in the country. There is corruption all over the place, misappropriation of Nigerian tax payers money, insecurity across the country, rise in inflation rate and most notably the economy is not moving in a positive direction. As a result of that I am worried. I am worried because I have had the opportunity of living in different parts of the world where governance is good and whenever I come home I see something different. Considering the fact that our leaders and politicians who are in vantage positions to make these changes have failed to live up to expectations, as a result of that I decided to join the race. I believe the senate is the best platform to continue to improve the lives of Anambra Central District- hitherto quality representation.


Q – But it’s generally believed that most people join politics to amass wealth?


A-It’s true to an extent but there are sincere politicians out there who really want to serve their people. If there are two per cent of such people I want to be counted among them. I thank God for making it possible to put three square meals on my table. I did not join politics because I am hungry. I am in politics basically to make a positive change and continue to touch the lives of my people in a positive way. That apart, there is a big void that one has been challenged to fill in Anambra Central District and that is adequate representation. I did an extensive research before embarking on this journey and the research showed that our people are seeking for the right person who is capable of representing them. I am happy they believe I am the best man for the job and I will never let them down.

I want to sincerely serve my people because where I come from I think they deserve the good things of life. If given the opportunity, with all my heart I will do my best for them with the highest degree of devotion and dedication.


Q – So what gives you the confidence that you can actualize your political ambition given the fact that you are young and a new comer in Nigerian politics?


A – Yes, but what matters most to me is that I have a plan of what I want to do for my people. I know the direction I want to take my people to. Politics is all about people.  My people are standing solidly behind me. The good  thing is that they are not even talking about the parties any longer but the candidates. Can this candidate deliver? That is the clarion cry in Anambra Central District right now. I may be new in politics but because of my antecedents, my people have faith in me. Like the biblical Moses, they are waiting for me to take them to the promised land where there is milk and honey. Remember there is a general wave in the landd clamouring for a new Nigeria and younger generation to take over governance in the country. Nigerians are becoming awake with the social media helping to get these messages across. The younger generation is asking the younger generation to come on board, so you can see I am favoured.


Q – Let’s talk about structure. Do you think you have the political structure to excel in politics considering the fact that Nigerian politics is all about godfatherism?


A -That is part of the problems that have bedeviled the government today. The so called godfathers want to give you conditions before you are allowed to contest.

You will realize that if you win, any allocation given to you for constituency project you end up giving out 70 per cent of the money to the godfathers only to be left with 30 per cent which is not enough to prosecute the projects you were voted for. I don’t believe in godfatherism which explains why nobody is sponsoring me. I am funding my campaign and doing everything without the support of a godfather so that when I emerge victorious I will be in total control. The good thing is that unlike the other parties there is nothing like godfatherism in YPP and that is why I joined them. YPP has boosted its structure in Anambra state. It has grown stronger during the past few years. We are more stronger than we used to be in Anambra state and that is why we are able to produce a sitting senator in the person of Dr Ifeanyi Ubah.


Q- At this teething stage of your political career, you think you can win an election without a godfather behind you?


A- Why not? I don’t have a godfather but I have God the father. The heart of kings are in the hands of God almighty. I have taken my case to the court of where all of us are equal and that is God in heaven. The God that sees my mission and my heart will be my Godfather. I have put this mission on God’s laps. If I am going there for genuine mission He knows, and if I am not He also knows. It’s just between me and my God. My mission is very genuine and I am hopeful. God has the final say. Let the will of God be done.


Q – As a medical practitioner what attracted you to politics?


A – I joined politics because of the difficulties our people are facing. Some of us are living abroad and things are going on well for us  but back home our people are suffering. It makes me sad and it prompted me to join politics to make a positive change. When I was doing my charity work a lot of people came to me saying if you can do so much with the little you have, you will do a lot more if given the chance to serve them. The good thing is that the people of Anambra Central District are massively behind me. When I am talking about the people I mean the grassroot.


Q -Your party is relatively new in Nigeria, how do you intend to outshine the older parties with heavyweights who will be contesting with you?


A – I am not worried about what my opponents are doing. My focus is on what I am doing. YPP is waxing stronger and is now a force to be reckoned with in Anambra state. It’s not a party that should be underrated by anyone and if you do that it would be at your own peril. A party that has produced a senator and four members in the house of assembly is not a small party hence it cannot be dismissed with a wave of the hand.


Q – Most of your admirers believe you are a philanthropist that has passion for humanity and love for quality education. What gives you the motivation for helping people especially the less privileged?


A – Naturally I love helping people. When I was younger, whenever my parents give me money I used to share it with my friends who didn’t have. So that is my nature. This is what I do on daily basis. I can’t watch people cry for help and fold my hands when I have what it takes to solve their problems. If I don’t have that would be understandable. When I don’t have I explain l don’t have and I give the little I can afford. Yes, education is something I am passionate about because there is no future without education. I am an academic myself. That is why I organize school competitions and award scholarships both at home and abroad. When I hear people say I am a philanthropist I just smile. It means they appreciate what I am doing. It can only get better.


Q- What are your plans for the people of Anambra Central District if they elect you to represent them at the Red chamber?


A – I want to promise them that I will be a senator with a difference, a senator that is approachable, and a senator that will give them quality education and bring progress to Anambra state. My main focus would be on health and education. I have been in the health sector for so many years and I have been privileged to know some multi national health organizations across the globe we can partner with. The issue of insecurity has been so worrisome. It would also be prominently addressed with view of putting a lasting solution to it. I have had enough in the course of my campaign and interactions with my people and I discovered that they want somebody that can relate cordially with them. Somebody with a good heart and above all a God fearing man. By the grace of God, these are some of the attributes I will put on the table. I strongly know that I have all these qualities to serve them. I am confident that if elected, our people will for the first time in history get the real change they have been yearning for. Politics is not all about how long but the mission you have in your heart and that mission is to be the eyes and ears of my people.



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