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Dr. Chris Okafor, the dashing General Overseer of Liberation City, one of the fastest growing ministries in the world, has described as untrue a frontpage story in The Saturday Sun of December 2, 2017 entitled: ‘PAY AS YOU YEARN…Lagos church where a miracle seeker pays N100,000 to see G.O’.


Commenting on the shocking story, the preacher whose ministry is situated in Ojodu-Berger, Lagos, maintained that ‘nothing could be farther from the truth…To say that people pay N100,000 before seeing me is both outlandish and unimaginable. Imagine if all the people who come to the church – over 2000 of them – pay N100,000 before seeing me, then I will be the richest pastor in the world, which is not even what I am after. What I am after, for the records, are the one billion souls I want to win for God. Not money, not material acquisition or such things.


‘In fact, you can do your own private investigation. The little money I have goes into charity, and that is why Liberation City spends millions almost every week supporting widows with both food stuffs and cash. We also offer scholarships to the indigent. We have spent millions giving our community here, and even outside, transformers, boreholes, etc. We even tarred the major road leading to this place, which I want to believe you saw while coming.


‘But going back to the N100,000 tale, the mysterious reporter, because he was not bold enough to accompany the story with his byline, must have overheard an announcement being made on the need for more members to support our TV ministry and perhaps wanting to sensationalize it, rushed to his office to write what he wrote. Unfortunately, neither him nor any senior editorial staff of The Sun Newspapers bothered to cross check with my media team or even myself, because I am very, very accessible, before publishing.


‘I would have taken them up on the matter to bring forward their proof, but as a servant of God, I’ve decided to forgive them for they know not what they do. Look at it this way, who and who have paid the alleged N100,000? Do they have their receipts or what proof do they have to support what was published?


‘Like I said, I’ve chosen to forgive them, but would like to state both emphatically and unequivocally that nothing like that happens or happened at the Liberation City. Except there’s another ministry that is so called. But certainly not this, and also not here.’


Dr. Chris Okafor, Founder, Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, aka Liberation City, has been harvesting souls for God’s kingdom for 14years now. This year alone, he has visited over 25 countries, working for God. ‘My mandate actually is to win one billion souls for God and neither this allegation nor any other false story can stop that’, he reiterated, adding, ‘Again, like the Bible said in Matthew 16:18, ‘I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it’.



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