Jamaican comedian slams Hushpuppi after he was caught wearing a dress

Hushpuppi’ sense of style has definetly raised some eyebrows

So much so that a comedian from Jamaica slammed him

White Yardie recently released a video severely mocking his recent choice of clothing

NAIJ.com had earlier reported that flamboyant big boy Hushpuppi was spotted wearing what looked like a dress while also carrying a handbag.

This particular fashion choice of his has been ridiculed by many.

Now a comedian from Jamaica has also released a video criticising Hushpuppi. White Yardie took to his Instagram page to slam Hushpuppi’s style, saying even though the dress is expensive, money can’t buy style.

He also said the dress makes Hushpuppi look like a pregnant woman who wanted to wear something free so she could get some air. He didn’t stop there, he asked Hush to change his name.

This is not the first time Hushpuppi has been spotted in feminine clothing. Check out his weird sense of style . naij

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