Justin Bieber dodges water bottle at Swedish concert

Justin Bieber was pelted with a water bottle at a weekend (10-11Jun17) concert in Sweden after he refused to perform his hit Despacito remix.

The Baby singer was onstage at the Summerburst Festival in Stockholm when a fan asked him to sing his verse on his collaboration with Latin artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, but Bieber declined because he doesn’t know the lyrics.

His response appeared to anger one person in the audience, who hurled a water bottle at the star, prompting him to dodge the missile.

“Whoa!” Justin exclaimed after the near miss. “Don’t throw things at me, please.”

The Spanish song has been a chart-topping hit for the trio, but Justin has yet to properly learn the words. He attempted to perform the song at New York City’s 1OAK club last month (May17), but ended up improvising his own lyrics.

He was caught on camera singing, “I don’t know the words so I say, ‘Dorito’/I don’t know the words so I say, ‘Dorito’/I don’t know the words so I say ‘Dorito’/Despacito/I ate a burrito/I just want a burrito.”

Fonsi has previously praised Bieber for learning the pronunciation of his Spanish lyrics and recording his remix the way it was originally written.

“It says a lot about where Latin music is nowadays and where our culture is,” he told E! News. “We’re breaking barriers down. I think that’s the biggest win out of all of this.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Bieber has been hit with a bottle while performing – in 2013, he was pelted while singing Boyfriend in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He subsequently left the stage and did not return.musicnews.com

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