Kaduna, kidnapping HQ, says CAN, demands emergency rule

Kaduna map

The Christian Association of Nigeria has called for the declaration of a state of emergency in Kaduna State, but warned that it should not be politicised.

The body said the call became necessary because it had become obvious that Governor Nasir El-Rufai and his team had lost the steam to defeat bandits.

The advice came as the Nigerian Baptist Convent warned the Federal Government against seeking international support to fight insecurity.

According to the President, NBC, Rev Israel Akanji, the Nigerian government can stop evil if it has a willing heart to do so.

The Vice-President of CAN for the 19 Northern States and Abuja and Chairman of the body in Kaduna State, Rev Joseph Hayab, called for the emergency rule declaration in an interview with The PUNCH.

According to him, the more time the Kaduna State Government continues with its trial and error policy, the more lives will be destroyed and people will constantly live in pain and fear of who next.

He said, “Anything the Federal Government will do to bring these killings and insecurity in Kaduna State to an end is welcome. Declaring a state of emergency is one option.

“What we will not support is the politicisation of the state of emergency. Some are calling for a state of emergency for political reasons.

“It is obvious that our governor and his team have lost the steam to defeat bandits and the more time they continue with their trial and error policy the more lives will be destroyed and people will constantly live in pain and fear of who is next.

“Kaduna has surely become the headquarters of kidnapping in Nigeria. Kaduna kidnap gangs are doing what they are doing with impunity.

“They have no mercy on their victims and also do not fear the law since they know that our government is only good at talking and issuing press statements without concrete action.”

Akanji said although he believed that the government could seek collaboration with international bodies to fight insecurity, Nigeria did not have any excuse to do so because it had gone to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo and other places to restore peace.

He said, “Nigeria has gone to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo and to other places to restore peace in those countries. Why will Nigeria not be able to ensure peace in its own territory?

“Look at how people were shouting: ‘Change the service chiefs; once you change them, things are going to change’. Okay, service chiefs have been changed. But have things changed? Has kidnapping not continued?

“It means that something is wrong with what we are doing inside and if we bring international people, we are likely to continue to do the wrong thing; and if we are doing the wrong thing, we will not get the right result.

“We must change our attitude and that is what I want to say. The government is saying it is doing its best, but the best that the federal or state government is doing is not enough for our security. In other words, the security is insufficient for Nigeria.” Punch


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