Kim Kardashian want surrogate mum under security watch 24 hours


Kim Kardashian has had one too many safety scares to take any chances with her reported new baby. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Kim’s new surrogate has tons of security protecting her around the clock!

Kim Kardashian, 36, and Kanye West, 40, are reportedly expecting their third child via surrogate in Jan. 2018. Kim wasn’t able to carry the baby herself, so of course she’s super concerned about the well being of her second daughter while she’s growing inside of another person. She reportedly gave her specific instructions, like no drinking, drugs, hair dye, etc, but she wanted more than the woman’s word. Naturally, the famous duo decided to take some precautions to protect both the surrogate and their baby.

“Kim’s hired round the clock security for her surrogate which she says is for her safety,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “But everyone knows the security is really there keep an eye on the surrogate when Kim can’t. Kim trusts her but she still wants to be sure she’s not taking any risks that could hurt the baby, she wants the security there to have eyes on her at all times.”

Honestly, we can’t blame Kim for being extra-cautious, especially considering everything that’s happened to her family in the last year. Kim was literally robbed at gunpoint, her home was broken into with the kids inside, her husband had a mental breakdown… the least the surrogate could do to ease Kimmy’s mind is to roll with the extra security.

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