Madonna’s former friend fighting to unblock auction sale


The woman attempting to auction off Madonna’s used underwear and other personal items is challenging the superstar’s restraining order, which has brought the sale to a halt.

Art consultant Darlene Lutz, one of the Vogue hitmaker’s former friends, submitted a collection of over 100 pieces of pop memorabilia to auctioneers at Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

Among the souvenirs was a letter sent to Madonna by her rapper ex-boyfriend Tupac Shakur while he was in jail, a hairbrush containing strands of her hair, and even a pair of unwashed panties.

The high-profile sale was due to begin online on Wednesday (19Jul17), but Madonna obtained an emergency restraining order from a New York judge on Tuesday (18Jul17), claiming Lutz may have stolen the possessions from the singer during their friendship. She also alleged the auction violated her right to privacy.

Now Lutz is fighting back, and has appealed to the judge to reconsider the case so the auction can go ahead.

According to new legal documents obtained by, Lutz’s attorney Judd Grossman argues the “highly personal items”, such as her underwear, are no longer private as Madonna chose to send them to her then-lover.

“If Madonna truly wanted privacy, then mailing her lingerie was not the way to go,” retorts Darlene in the paperwork.

Lutz also claims she and Madonna reached a deal over the memorabilia back in 2004, when she agreed to give the singer cash in exchange for an assurance that the musician would never take her ex-pal to court.

She is seeking the dismissal of the restraining order so she can continue with the online sale.

Madonna has yet to respond to Lutz’s new legal claims. music

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