Majid Michel comes for ‘immoral pastors

When news broke that actor Majid Michel had become born again, a lot of people refused to believe it

Well, not only is it true, Michel has even started criticizing immoral pastors

He said their behavior is leading youths away from God

Many have been wondering why popular Ghanaian actor Majid Michel became a pastor. Some say its because he is no longer relevant in the industry and he needs another way to keep the fans entertained while others say he is just acting like a pastor.

Well Majid himself appears to have addressed this. Writing via his official Instagram account, the light skinned thespian said he did not become a true servant of God to seek attention from people. If that is what he wanted, he wouldn’t be a ‘bond servant of Christ’

“Am i now trying to win the favor and approval of men, or of God? Or am i seeking to please someone? If i were still trying to be popular with men, i would not be a bond-servant of Christ.” GALATiANS 1:10.”

In one of his other posts, Michel also called for a revolution amongst pastors, asking them to come back to God and change their evil ways.

Majid Michel comes for ‘immoral pastors’

“Ok so i say Revolution for Jesus Christ or the Status Quo? the kind of ministers Jesus Christ is calling for in this 21st century is one who will stand uncompromisingly and speak the truth about Jesus Christ. i challenge you not with the moral state of many of our ministers but with the moral state of the People.

You reading this!!! Your moral state!! As long as there is sin in our midst, we will never be able to experience the mighty movement of the Holy Spirit! Unless we clean up among ourselves, unless all of us despite the pastors lifestyle can develop the reputation of being Godly people, Holy people, people of character, truth, and uprightness, we will never be able to shake the community for Jesus Christ. There are thousands of young people in your community who are disgusted with religion because of the immoral lives of some of their pastors!

Majid Michel comes for ‘immoral pastors’

That doesn’t give you permission to be immoral.!! i challenge them to return to God’s word. Less and less emphasis is being placed on sin, judgment, the death of Christ on the cross, and his ability to cleanse people of their sins, and more and more emphasis is placed on organization, church membership, large offerings, higher salaries, better cars to drive, and better clothes to wear. All the emphasis is being placed on the material things rather than spiritual things.“naij

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