Man allegedly confesses to beating 81-year-old mother to death to please wife


Egyptians are demanding severe punishment for the son of an  elderly woman who allegedly confessed to have ruthlessly beaten his mother to death, even as family members claim that the aged woman died of a medical emergency.

The incident reportedly happened in Alexandria, and the reason for the matricide, as allegedly confessed to by the suspect, was just to please his wife.

The 81-year-old woman, Zeinab as-Sayyid Mahfouz, was allegedly brutalised by her son to please his wife who had complained about her mother-in-law.

Reports said he left his mother unconscious and bleeding in the hall of their house, while he reportedly went out for dinner with his wife, Al-Arabiya.net reported.

Zeinab’s blood flowing through the apartment door alerted neighbours who broke into the house after no one opened the door for them.

She was said to have been immediately transferred to a hospital, where she allegedly died of her injuries.

When the son and his wife learnt what happened, reports added, they tried to flee but security forces detained the son who allegedly later confessed to the crime.

Egyptians have now taken to social media to demand justice for the elderly woman.

However, Rajaa al-Araby, Zeinab’s oldest daughter, told Al-Arabiya.net that her mother was 85 years old and not 81 as it was initially claimed.

She said Zeinab died after suffering from a brain clot, adding that her brother was completely innocent and had nothing to do with their mother’s death.

Rajaa also noted that her late mother always praised her daughter-in-law for treating her well, adding that the campaign which was launched on social media to demand punishing her brother was aimed to harm her family.

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