Monday Night Raw Results, Winners


Samoa Joe destroys Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns gets the Strowman treatment.

This week’s episode of RAW took place in Los Angeles, California. The show was stacked with the return of Brock Lesnar, the ongoing feud between Roman Reigns and Braun Stowman and a whole lot more as we head straight to results.

Roman Reigns kicks off Monday Night RAW


RAW started off with Roman Reigns coming out to address the fans. He was greeted by a volley of boos along with chants of “We want Strowman”. Roman told the fans about how the ring was his year before promising to make Strowman pay when the sound of ambulance sirens were heard.were heard.

Roman cautiously walked up to the ambulance and opened the door only to see that Strowman wasn’t inside. Reigns was attacked from behind by Strowman as he inspected the ambulance. He tossed Roman onto the entrance ramp where Roman briefly fought back before Strowman tossed him off the ramp and onto the ambulance.was attacked from behind by Strowman as he inspected the ambulance. He tossed Roman onto the entrance ramp where Roman briefly fought back before Strowman tossed him off the ramp and onto the ambulance.

– Sheamus, Cesaro and Elias Samson vs The Hardyz and Finn Balor

Elias Samson was in the ring with Cesaro and Sheamus before the match began but their impromptu concert was cut short when the Hardyz music hit.

Matt Hardy and Sheamus started us off but Matt quickly tagged in Jeff who knocked Cesaro off the apron before hitting Sheamus with the Poetry In Motion. Balor simultaneously chased Elias Samson out of the ring as we headed to a break.

Cesaro and Sheamus were in control of Jeff Hardy when we returned from commercial. Jeff tagged in Balor who hammered away at Elias Samson before Sheamus came in and hit him with a bodyslam. Balor avoided the ensuing shoulder charge and tagged in Jeff Hardy once again who was all over Sheamus.

Jeff teased a Twist of Fate before Sheamus crashed shoulder-first into the ringpost after charging at Jeff Hardy. Jeff then launched himself off the top-rope and onto Cesaro after the latter had pulled Sheamus out of the ring. However, as Jeff entered the ring again, he got hit my a nasty knee from Cesaro as we head to another commercial.

We came back from this break to see Sheamus in control of Jeff. However, both men soon had to made tags as Matt Hardy and Elias Samson became the legal men. Hardy sent Samson face-first into turnbuckles in the corner before hitting a bulldog.

Cesaro came in at this point and sent Matt shoulder-first into the corner before hitting Matt with a double-team White Noise along with Sheamus. Balor got tagged in after this and he took out all three of his opponents before hitting an over-the-top-rope dive on Cesaro and Sheamus. He followed it up with a Slingblade to Cesaro before setting up a Coup de Grace.

As Balor hit the Coup de Grace and pinned Cesaro, the Hardyz neutralized Sheamus and Elias Samson at ringside.

The Hardyz and Finn Balor def. Sheamus, Cesaro and Elias Samson

Goldust vs R-Truth

Goldust came out clad in classic ring-gear accompanied by his own personal cameraman who was also clad in gold. He was followed out by R-Truth but the match never even began as Goldust attacked R-Truth and laid him out.

Miz TV with the Ball family


Miz’s guests tonight were Lavar, Lomelo and Lonzo Ball. Lonzo Ball got drafted to the LA Lakes during the NBA Draft last week.

Miz announced that they were about to announce a partnership with the Balls when Lavar Ball cut him off, saying they were not on his level. The segment turned disastrous pretty fast as Lavar completely overdid his lines as the Miz tried his best to get some semblance of order into this segment.

Ambrose’s music hit just as things got weird as Lavar took his shirt off. He announced that he was representing the Ball family as we headed to commercial.

Dean Ambrose, Rhyno and Slater vs The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas


The babyfaces were on top as the music began as Ambrose took down Curtis Axel before tagging in Heath Slater. Slater took a couple of shots at Axel before tagging in Rhyno. Axel hit back with a knee to the gut before tagging in The Miz.

Miz took shots at Rhyno before rotating the tag. Rhyno exploded put of the corner and took down Curtis Axle beforetagging in Ambrose. The babyfaces regained control as we headed for a commercial break.

Curtis Axel was in control of Heath Slater after the break. He tagged in Bo Dallas who continued the punishment in the corner before tagging The Miz back in as the heels furiously rotated the tag. Miz hit Slater with the trademark ‘Yes’ kicks before Slater dodged the last one and planted The Miz face-first onto the mat.

Miz tagged in Axel who himself got on the wrong end of a neckbreaker from Curtis Axel. Axel tagged Miz back in. The A-lister got taken down by a kick from Slater before both men made tags. Rhyno took on Bo Dalls in the ring as Ambrose chased The Miz around the ring.

With the referee distracted, Axel hit Rhyno with a cheapshot as Ambrose and Miz brawled at ringside. Bo Dallas then rolled Rhyno up for the win.

The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas def. Dean Ambrose, Rhyno and Slater

Enzo returns to RAW and calls out Cass


Enzo came out and told the fans that he’d been trying to get in touch with Cass for the last week, even getting in touch with Cass’ mother. He called out Cass to the ring, saying that they had a lot of things to talk out.

Cass came out and joined Enzo in the ring. Enzo said that his ‘brother’ had broken his heart and nearly broken his face but they were family. He admitted that he had a big mouth but that was because Cass was there to back him out.

Cass then took to the mic and admitted that he was ashamed after what happened last week.  Cass then admitted then Enzo was his brother and apologized to him in front of the world.  The two then announced their reunion and made their way up the ramp.

Cass blindsided Enzo and clotheslines him on the ramp before tossing him down the entrance way.

Seth Rollins vs Curt Hawkins


Curt Hawkins actually put in an impressive shift tonight. He faced Seth Rollins and was in control for the early stages of the match. Although no one really believed he could win, he put in a good performance.

Seth Rollins eventually rallied and hit Hawkins with a Superkick before hitting the Rain Trigger for the win.

Seth Rollins def. Curt Hawkins

Paul Heyman calls out Samoa Joe


Paul Heyman came out and called out the ‘fearless’ Samoa Joe. Heyman took a shot at Joe for hitting Brock with a cheapshot while Brock was being held back last week. Heyman then called out his client Brock Lesnar to the ring.cheapshot while Brock was being held back last week. Heyman then called out his client Brock Lesnar to the ring.cheapshot while Brock was being held back last week. Heyman then called out his client Brock Lesnar to the ring.cheapshot while Brock was being held back last week. Heyman then called out his client Brock Lesnar to the ring.

Lesnar’s music hit and as he came down to the ring, Samoa Joe attacked him from behind and attempted to lock in the Coquina Clutch. Brock tried his best to break out of it as he smashed Joe into the LED board on the ramp but Joe just wouldn’t let go.

Joe drove his knee into Lesnar’s gut and brought him down to his knees when Superstars came out from the back to separate the two men.

Lince Dorado vs Neville


Akira Tozawa was at ringside for this match. The match itself was brief but it was fast-paced. Lince Dorado showed off some impressive moves in the beginning of the match before Neville swiftly ended the match with the Rings of Saturn.

Neville def. Lince Dorado

Akira Tozawa entered the ring after the match as he faced off with Neville. Titus O’ Neill came out at this point and announced that Neville vs Tozawa was official for Great Balls of Fire.

#1 Contender’s gauntlet match for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Bayley vs Nia Jax


Bayley and Nia Jax started us off. Bayley has been in a rut for the last few weeks and it didn’t look any better for her tonight as she got completely dominated by Nia Jax. After a brief resurgence from Bayley, Nia hit her with a Samoan Drop to pin her.

Bayley is eliminated

Nia Jax vs Mickie James


Mickie James came out next. James also got dominated by Nia Jax but she didn’t back down. She slapped Nia across the face before hitting the bigger Jax with a dropkick. She followed it with a crossbody for a 2-count and followed it up with a Mick Kick but couldn’t even get Jax off her feet.

Nia then literally ran into James and pinned her.

Mickie James is eliminated

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