Monica undergoes endometriosis surgery

Singer Monica is endometriosis free after undergoing surgery last month (May17).

The Boy Is Mine hitmaker reveals she was seeking treatment for other health issues when doctors discovered the painful disorder, which affects the female reproductive system.

“I had an almost 8 hour surgery to remove my endometriosis (which I didn’t know I had until two weeks prior), 2 cysts, fibroids & a hernia that all were making me very sick (sic)…,” she wrote on Instagram over the weekend (17-18Jun17). “I’ve known something was wrong but I also knew victory & better health would be near again…!!”

In the message, which was accompanied by a picture of Monica showing off her new lavender hair colour, the singer and actress also thanked her doctor and the staff at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Monica is not the only celebrity who has recently undergone surgery to correct the condition – Girls actress Lena Dunham declared herself endometriosis free after a fifth surgery in April (17). However, she was forced to cancel her Lenny IRL tour last month (May17) after physical pain from complications linked to the disorder prompted her to seek medical help following the Met Gala in New York.

“I’m in the greatest amount of physical pain that I have ever experienced,” she told fans. “After being told I was endometriosis-free after my last procedure, more disease was found in deeper spots that required immediate surgery and now physical therapy.

“This disease is wily and unrelenting, and I’m really blessed to have a community… who let me express how hard that is.”

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