Most of the public marriage proposals are pre-planned – Bishop Umoh

Nollywood actor and comedian, Bishop Umoh has given his two cents on public marriage proposal .

According to him, most of these proposals are premeditated and hence the reason they always turn out successful – He took to his Instagram page to post a rather hilarious video about it For people, there are usually very different methods or styles that they would prefer when it comes to receiving a marriage proposal or proposing marriage. While some would go for a very private romantic scenery, others are more inclined to rather public display of affection.

The public marriage proposals are a trend today as almost everyone seems to be getting engaged in a shopping mall, cinemas halls or somewhere really public and almost every time, it ends in positive spirits. However, not everybody believes in the spontaneity of these acts of love. Famous Nollywood actor and comedian, Ime Bishop Umoh has a few things to say about public marriage proposal.

He took to his Instagram page to post a rather satirical video talking about his opinion on the issue and captioned it:”Most marriage proposals in my opinion are premeditated. The man knows or is very certain to a large extent that his proposal is gonna be accepted. And to the ladies, most times the tears are just drama. Who will want to kneel with a ring and ask a girl to marry her in a mall in Lagos if he has the slightest feeling that he may be turned down. In fact it is like elections result in Africa where both the candidates and the citizens know the result before starting the process. I know say person go ask me how I take propose give my wife #okonlagos #okonrepublic ��”

The actor who is known for his popular role as ‘Okon Lagos’ got married to his beautiful wife in 2013 and well, it was quite a private proposal they had.

Bishop Umoh and his family
Source: Instagram

Although the chances of these public marriage proposals being planned are very high, there are still the few unfortunate or rather sad stories of people who get turned down. Do you think most public wedding proposals are premeditated? naij

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