New dawn! Even if your husband cheats, don’t divorce him –Funke Adesiyan

Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan, has counselled women not to kick up a fuss when their husbands cheat.

She said it was futile to leave a man ‘simply’ because he is cheating, especailly if one intends to still be with another man.

She said, “Leaving a man because he cheats is like relocating from Nigeria to America because of rain.

“News flash: it rains everywhere. Find a good man who loves you and appreciates you. Every other thing can be worked on.

“Men are naturally born to cheat. Look beyond this flaw and focus on how he treats you.”

While some of her fans supported her position, others kicked against it.

In a veiled  reference to Adesiyan’s unmarried state, one of those who disagreed with her held that single ladies and baby mamas are really not qualified to discuss cheating in a legal marriage.

See the controversial post:

“I would probably have agreed with you on this when I was single, but being married I found out that being the same person you think differently when you are single and you are married. I will encourage all the single ladies or baby mama’s not to address the issue of cheating in marriage. Because if you are not in it then you don’t know how it’s feels. Pls stop assuming you know because you don’t,” arabqueen1 said.

After much debate, Adesiyan made a rebuttal in a second post.
Adesiyan in the second post cautioned women who held opposing views to hers to allow men to answer for themselves. She said he remains resolute on her position.

“Not many men can sincerely say they have been with only their partner for 10yrs without “playing”. It doesn’t make them bad people, it just makes them men,” she said.



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