Nicki Minaj suffers huge Snapchat fail


Rapper Nicki Minaj suffered a social media fail on Sunday (23Jul17) when she was inundated with phone calls from excited devotees moments after launching her new Snapchat account.

The Starships hitmaker took to Instagram over the weekend to share her new Snapchat handle with her 81.8 million followers, but confessed she had no idea what she was doing.

“Yo can y’all teach me how to use this?,” she wrote beside an image of her Snapchat account name. “wtf (what the f**k) I wanna show y’all how a bad btch (b**ch) posts her first snap but…”

Fans tried to check out the Snapchat profile, but found Nicki’s had been set to private, preventing the general public from viewing her posts. She followed their advice on how to make her account public, but failed to adjust the settings regarding voice calls, inadvertently allowing anyone to contact her via the app.

She was subsequently bombarded with calls and messages, much to her horror.

“Yo I allowed ‘everyone’ to be able to contact me – in less than 30 seconds yall (sic) called and messaged me over a thousand times,” Nicki remarked, confessing she was almost duped into answering one call because the user had listed their name as one of the rappers from Migos. “Yoooooooooooo (sic) y’all got celebrity names on there. It said Quavo… calling.”

She then shared video footage of her nightmare experience in a follow-up Instagram post.

“Can you guys please stop calling me,” the hip-hop star pleaded in the footage, showing her phone buzzing constantly. “Look, I can’t get back to my settings. And the calls don’t stop!”

In the accompanying caption, Nicki revealed her assistants had to reach out to Snapchat officials to help resolve her beginner’s mistake: “Omgggggggg (oh my god) why y’all doin this to me… (sic)?,” she wrote beside the video. “They gotta call Snapchat now.”

The incident subsequently prompted Nicki to shut down the app so she could fix the issue, which has since been resolved.

“I just logged tf (the f**k) out!” she later added under the comments section. “I got work to do. Y’all ain’t bout to call me all fkn (f**king) day. I’ll be back on later with NEW SETTINGS love uuuuuuuuuuuuu (sic)”

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